We Sport for Inclusion 🌈for the Planet 🌳for Good πŸ•Š

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Set your 3 challenges to become a truly healthy, socially uplifting, and zero-waste sporter. Join us and together we can change the world of sports for good. The goal is to achieve positive impact on 3 levels:

Make an impact.
Join our challenges.

Teambuilding Try-out

30 maart 2023 Register now! Teambuilding Try-out Free

Gratis try-out moment voor managers om de kracht van ons teambuildingsaanbod zelf te ervaren.

Runners' Lab Half Marathon

March 13th 2022 Done

Join a colourful group of wheelers, buddies and runners at the Runners Lab' Half Marathon and cross the finish line!

Plog de Gent Trailrun!

March 6th 2022 Done

Take part in the ultimate eco-trailrun challenge: plog the Gent Trail run & 'Leave no trace' in the Gentbrugse Meersen 🌳

Triple impact on the map

Declaration of the #TripleChallengeHeroes

Just do it, GOOD!


Every sporter should have a goal. A challenge to win. That’s the basics, right? First, set your sportive challenge at a pure, non-toxic level for your body and mind. And off you go…

Move EVERY+body,


Now think about how wonderful it must feel if you help others while training for your sport goal. So choose your social target, only by making others happy you will find your true bliss.

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Keep track of the latest challenges, conscious sports gear and planned events.

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