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As an athlete you have to have a goal. A challenge to win. That is the basis, right? So first set your sporting challenge; in a pure and healthy way for body and mind. And you're off... Now imagine how great it would feel if you helped others while training for your sporting goal. So link asocial purpose to your sports challenge. Only by making others happy will you find your true happiness,' says sports guru M. Ghandi. And of course, healthy air, that's what we need when we exercise. Good old oxygen. Finally, choose your climate challenge and give some oxygen back to our planet as a gift from you to the entire universe. That, my dear hero, is TRIPLE CHALLENGE.

Triple Challenge challenges you to become a game changer in sport. We are going to inspire you to set your own goals on an athletic, social and environmental level and become a truly healthy, humane and conscious athlete. From local hubs across Europe and later globally, our dream is to create real impact from the bottom up and change the world of sport forever.

We shape our strategy and methods to encourage athletes and organisations to get involved. We believe that the only way to have a positive impact is together. That's why we want to learn from like-minded athletes like you. If you would like to play an active role in the development of our project in your neighbourhood, just let us know!

Het Triple Challenge Team

Petra De Walsche

Logistics & Events - Volunteer


Hannelore Vens

Finance & Sales - Volunteer

Focus on my abilities, not my disabilities.


Jarne Uytersprot

UX, IT & Development - Volunteer

Where there's a will, there's a way!


Wannes Wylin

Business & Finance - Founder


Filip Bullens

Communication & Marketing - Founder


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A conscious story

A few years ago, the Belgian entrepreneur and brand activist Filip Bullens rode sponsored bicycle tours through South America and Africa, among others. Together with a group of like-minded social entrepreneurs, he cycled through the Andes in 2019 to support local farmers. And there, while cycling, the idea was born. He loved the sporting challenge and the social impact they made while cycling for charity, but the ecological footprint gnawed at his conscience.

Around the same time, Wannes Wylin, an avid endurance and multi-sport athlete and expert in sustainable energy services, took part in several sporting competitions across Europe. He kept travelling back and forth by train and bicycle, while he saw most of the other athletes driving to the events in their cars. Something gnawed at him. He wanted to create more social impact.

Different ideas raced through both of them. How can we make decent equipment available to financially disadvantaged athletes? How can we find ways to make sport more accessible to people with disabilities? Why is there so little choice in sustainable sports clothing, equipment and nutrition? Wannes found a number of young, dynamic and sustainable brands. Ideas took shape.

Time to make some real plans...

Filip and Wannes met when Filip's brand agency, Cojak, was setting up the brand identity for Wannes' sustainable business, Ecopuur. When Filip rode his bike into the Andes, Wannes decided to sponsor him. They started talking and identified the same need for social and sustainable sports. Filip focused on the social aspect and looked for a more sustainable approach, while for Wannes it was the other way around. The click was there. They connect their knowledge, experience and network with each other. 1 + 1 is 3'. And, they are both entrepreneurs. It is therefore not surprising that their ideas lead to the start of a new company: Triple Challenge.

As entrepreneurs Wannes and Filip share the same drive. Both as an athlete and as a responsible entrepreneur you focus on pushing your limits and cooperating with others towards a bigger goal. "In our limited time on this planet, we want to maximise our personal experiences and our positive impact."

Sustainable partnerships

Triple Challenge is also building a sustainable partner network of ethical brands and like-minded organisations. We give members access to carefully selected deals and opportunities from these partners, so together we can increase our impact for a healthier planet.

"Partnerships are not just about sponsorships or shared marketing efforts: each partner's goal should also be to achieve their own Triple Challenge, making a full impact together with our community. That's real, sustainable marketing and good for your brand image."

Filip Bullens, Founder

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"When we exercise, we grow and get closer to our own nature, but also to the nature around us. Doing good makes you feel good, which breeds energy to go the extra mile, both for yourself and for the people and nature around you."

Wannes Wylin, Founder


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